Pete Fountain Curiosities

Pete Fountain Curiosities

Records are a small part of collecting when it comes to your favourite artist. There are many many things that pop up and grab your attention over the years. I, in very short time I have found many of these items and thought it would be a great idea to add them to this webpage as they become available. I fully realise that many of these item did appear in the Pete Fountain Blog, many part are now unclickable sadly. Anyway, I certainly hope you enjoy these oddities / curiosities that I have or have found. If you have anything and would like it added please forward it to me either by email or a cloud service. The more we share the better, I’m sure you agree.

 Pete Fountain “Bobble Heads”, fun thingos John 
See Facebook: Pete Fountain Half Fast Walking Club


My own personal creation of
“Tootin’ With Pete mug”
this was finished by BigW in my home town of Auburn.


Pete Fountain Half Speed Walking Club Doubloon 1967
Saluting American Norsemen – Mardi Gras


Pete’s First Single.
Both Promo Copy & Retail Copy 1957
Tailgate Blues b/w Yellow Dog Blues
(L10,635 – L10,636)


Mardi Gras Collector Cards – Purchased as a set
on ebay thought this would be a great item to add to collection.


Pete Fountain Bobble Heads from John Titsworth
Pete Fountain Bobble Heads

My now treasured Bobble Heads,
I was thrilled to death  when they arrived.
donated by John Titsworth of New Orleans


Pete Fountain Half Fast walking club cap mark 1
Pete Fountain Half Fast walking club cap mark 1

Purchased for $US24, it was used as stated.
It was very grotty & after drycleaning  $AU10
BINGO – You Beauty
I have had this cap for a while now, really not game to wear it, cost me $10 to have dry cleaned, plan to have the badge removed & professional added to a black cap.

Pete Fountain Caricature framed by me
Pete Fountain Caricature

A Caricature by Al Hirschfeld
framed by myself


Pete Fountain Caricature 2016 by Emile coloured by me
Pete Fountain Caricature 2016 by Emile

A caricature by Emile 2016
Coloured by yours truly

Hank Facer speaks his mind