Pete Fountain Other LPs Label Releases

Please find here displayed Pete’s Fountains
albums from other labels over the years.

Purists will tell you this is NOT a Pete Fountain LP, OK I accept that
but I am listing it anyway as a reference point.
Ignore quality as above, I don’t know why, explode it, it is fantastic 


Basin Street Six – Circle Records L,403 – 1950
Dixieland From New Orleans
DO NOT OWN Valued over $US120.00
Only know of 1 other Circle Label see


Jack Delaney And His New Orleans Babies
Dixieland – Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Southland S-LP 214 – 1956
Pete Only features on Side 1


New Orleans to Los Angeles
Southland  SL-P 215 – 1956
Side One: entitled: New Orleans to Los Angeles Al Hirt Trumpet
Side Two: Pete Fountain And His Three Coins, Pete plays Tenor Sax


Dukes Of Dixieland featuring Pete Fountain
No Title As Such
RCA LSP-2097 – 1961
(artificial Stereo)


Al Hirt & Pete Fountain Blockbustin’ Dixie Verve V-1028 – 1961
Also re-issued as below 


Pete Fountain And Other Dixielanders
Dixieland (live performance in New Orleans)
RCA Camden CAL 727 – 1962
Re-issued below


Broadway To Bourbon Street
Guest Star GS 1451 – 1963


Al Hirt & Pete Fountain

The Very Best Of
MGM SE 4216 – 1964
See Block Bustin’ Dixie Verve above (re-issue)


Pete Fountain & The New Orleans All Stars
No Title As Such
Design SDLP-182 – 1964
Middle Image Alternate Cover


Pete Fountain & The Village Scramblers
Crown CST 478 – 1964


Pete Fountain And The Kings Of Dixieland
Crown CST 537 – 1964


Pete Fountain
No Title As Such
Pickwick SPC-3024 – 1966

Sames as above, I assume it was released by the department store.
Sears SPS 412 – 1966



And The Angels Sing
Vocalion (Division of Decca) VL 73803 – 1967


Pete Fountain / The Sunsetters
No Title As Such
Wyncote W-9112 – 1967
Wyncote was a budget label of Cameo-Parkway Records
It had an extremely poor reputation for quality.
Pete Fountain – First Four Tracks Side 1


High Society
Pckwick SPC 3201 – 1971
Early 1950’s recordings


Pete Fountain & The All-Star Dixielanders
Live Performances In New Orleans
Pickwick/Camden CAS 727 – 1972
Straight re-issue of Camden CAL 727 – 1962



Pete Fountain Volume II
Everest Archive Of Folk & Jazz Music FS 703 – 1974
Mixture of early recordings
Never found the Volume 1 ??? or any reference to it


Alive In New Orleans
First American FA-7706 – 1977
Personel Eddie Miller & Jack Delaney were on the
Southland Sessions in ’56


Then came the spectacular Conway Recorders Sessions
Pete Fountain’s Jazz Reunion
JUCU JMK-128-190 – 1981
JUCU “Jazz You Can Understand”
My first copy was a double “A” Side pressing


Pete Fountain And Friends
Capitol SN-16224 – 1981
Which came first, I personally suspect JUCU,
the picked by by Capitol Records.
Albums feature Frank Flynn on Amplified Marimba


Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Capitol SN-16225 – 1981


Fountain Of Youth
Allegiance AV-5022 – 1984

When do you stop collecting re-issue after re-issue,
well I have, enough is enough.

Most of the Albums above are re-issues of pre Welk days
hence before the Coral-Decca-MCA years

Hank Facer speaks his mind