My Beloved Church

A few of my thoughts on this & that – Hank Facer


I am a cradle ‘Roman Catholic’ and extremely proud of the fact,
but the Church I love so much is breaking my heart.
Well, that is not exactly true, the humanity of it is breaking my heart.
It has been my greatest cross in recent years.
Very sadly I have often been too close to Clergy & have seen things I would rather not have seen.
Nothing that one might deem Scandal, just a human side of these men that is less than expected.
One of my greatest problems is with the “disobedience of Clergy”,
I can only refer back to ‘The Holy Father’ and Bishops faithful to him.
So many times The Pope & Bishops issue instruction and they are just simply ignored,
it wouldn’t worry me if they were instructions to clean the church twice per week,
but when they disobey instructions regarding The Mass & Sacraments, then my heart weeps.
Parishes have many Committees, but are the members well versed in Church Law,
it would appear not.
why cannot the Priest being in charge of Liturgy, not the faithful, they may be well intentioned,
but much much more is required. Let me point out my main sorrows within my parish today.

Has this wonderful form of respect been outlawed, no, it most certainly has not.
If you are able (aged, invalids may make a respectful bow)
Genuflect & show both the world & The Lord that you owe The Lord everything in life,
a simple gesture of respect.
I have seen fit teenagers Genuflect, well, they start, they are astounding snubs to The Lord.

When Holy Communion is presented in Both Forms (Host & Precious Blood),
the dipping of the Host into the Precious Blood (tincture) is absolutely forbidden by the Church,
really when you think about it, it is common sense not to do so, why,
some of the precious blood may drop to the floor & be trampled on.
Come on, let’s show The Lord respect.
Take the Body & Blood of Jesus Christ in the most respectful & loving manner that you can,
He is your God after all, it is not a packet of chips.

The Doxology:
“Through Him, With Him, In Him etc”,
are the faithful permitted to join the Priest when the Priest says this prayer at Mass.
There is absolutely no grey area here

Inclusive Language:
This is a very common practice in the Church today, it actually to be discouraged,
in many cases it sound absolutely ridiculous to do on the run.
Anyway, in many cases when St Paul address men,
how do we know that women were present,
we don’t, so don’t take the liberty to use INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE.
e.g. Mankind – now Humankind, funny as it is, Humankind is not all that Inclusive after all, is it.
men to persons, this matter of inclusive language is just too silly to discuss.
this is a work in progress


Hank Facer speaks his mind