Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump
“The Don”

President of the USA

You may very well ask, why should an Australian be the slightest bit interested in US Politics and more importantly the President of the United States of America.

Well, I’ll tell you.
The President of the US is the “Leader of the Free World”, in my humble opinion the US like we in Australia have had some appalling  Leadership in recent years. In Australia we have had the Labor Party in 1972 a disaster in hindsight, then Malcolm Fraser (Liberal), diabolical by any benchmark. Then the Labor Party again, sometimes good, sometimes really crook. Then John Winston Howard (Liberal) a truly great leader, left Australia 29 Billion dollars in credit. The Australian people tossed him out big time, remember, he lost his seat. Then came Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, they played musical chairs whilst putting Australia into massive debt. Well, the people tossed them out and in came Tony Abbot a Prince with a massive majority. Closed the borders, ditched the Carbon Tax, when he had done all he promised us, Malcolm Do Little (Turnbull) displaced him. This guy is a real class act (not), decided to change rules concerning election quotas for a Senate seat (oppps, that was a good idea, MAL), not only did he lose a massive majority in the House of Reps. reduced to 1, he allowed the rise of Pauline Hansons’ One Nation to rise from the electoral ashes (in my humble opinion FANTASTIC).
In summing up Australia is led by the greatest bunch of dickheads ever assembled (excluding the Independents).
God help Australia. 


Now to the Yanks (the septic tanks)
Without the World War II US leadership we may very well be speaking Japanese today. So, I say Thank You America for all you did for us. Is it my place to comment on the US Leadership, well, I say YES, what the yanks do effect my very way of life.
Clinton was a disaster in all aspects, Obama, well, what can I say, a good look at YOUTUBE regarding Obama will scare your socks off. Investigation into the Clintons’ you will find very hard to believe.
The amount of people that laugh at me when I tell them is legion, better be informed than live in ignorant bliss. when the crap hits the fan you will not be surprised.

I have never be so immersed in US politics as during the recent Presidential Election, I guess I have watched hundreds of hours of YOUTUBE, people say to me, do you believe everything to see on youtube, no I don’t. But when something comes from the mouth of a person during a speech or interview what am I to do, dismiss it. Obama was addressing a Military group and said “Michael & I”, who the f……… is Michael.
Donald Trump for me is a wonderfully open man, a bit like our Tony Abbot (a man of the people). Donald Trump has promised to “Close his borders” we did that years ago, look at Europe today and the mess they are in with open borders. He wants to return industry to the US shores, so should we. Get rid of PC (Political Correctness), a black man said he was black and proud of it, a chinese man said he was yellow and proud of it, a white Australian said he was white and proud of it, and he’s a racist (hello). Hopefully if “The Don” as I refer to him, is not assassinated will lead both the US and the West to a wonderful way of life, to a certain extent like days of old. I must admit that I pray for “The Don” every night that he may be protected and guided on his forthcoming journey.
Let’s get back to saying “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

 All good Mr President, all those prophets of doom were WRONG and will continue to be so.

Hank Facer speaks his mind