Domestic Violence

A few of my thoughts on this & that – Hank Facer

Domestic Violence

There is without doubt no true excuse for domestic violence. 
There are a good number of different forms of Domestic Violence, 
most of these are attributed to the male gender. 
A blame that is not unfounded,
drink related in my opinion is close to the top of the reasons. 
It is truly remarkable what a belly full of grog can do.
Drink driving, Hotel violence, Street violence and without question Domestic Violence, 
when the drunk belts the living daylights of the Wife & Kids.

Other reasons for domestic violence may be traced back to, 
financial problems, unfaithfulness, work pressures, the list is endless. 
When men get violent it is obvious & shattering, 
bruses, breaks, damaged home fittings etc.

The Domestic Violence I wish to address is Psychological Violence. 
Whilst men usually get blamed for what I would call Common Violence, 
I honestly believe that women indulge in Psychological Violence 
coupled with Verbal Violence. There are two solutions to this violence, 
one, walk away from it or stay where you are & risk being pushed over the edge which might very well result in Common Domestic Violence.

I am of the opinion that women might be well advised to learn how to let issues pass, 
just slide into yesterday and stay there. 
The dredging up of ancient history will often drive any man 
to the point of despair & very sadly, domestic violence, 
we may agree that we (the male) had done something or other years ago, 
but do we need to be reminded over & over of what we did & apologized for. 
How often are we reminded that someone said this or that 20 years ago, 
males usually do not remember this rubbish as it was never all that important 
in the first place. Your Mother said, Your Father said, hello, 
they have been dead for over 20 years, let it go, 
that is the advice I ask women to think about.

If the bloke is wrong, did wrong or what ever & apologized, please, please let it go, 
maybe write it on a piece of paper, burn it or put it in the garbage bin & forget it.

WE MALES DO HAVE A BREAKING POINT – Yes I Know We Are Extremely Weak Human beings. 

Hank Facer speaks his mind