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Chubby Checkers’ Recent Output

Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans) cut his first recard in 1958
it was for Dick & Bobbi Clark (Bandstand Fame), it was actually
in the form of a Christmas Card for the Clarks’. I am proud to say
that I own 99.9 of Chubbys’ recorded product. Now lets look at
the product below.

 Now, “Lookin’ For Me”, is a very strong song, it was only
available from iTunes, not to worry I was very
impressed after a couple of listenings.
On the other hand the 3 tracker is a bit of a worry,
all three have been done to death,
re-recorded far too many times.

Might be interesting to visit 45cat for more information on this matter:

Lookin’ For Me was 2015
3 Tracker The Twist 2016


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