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Digby Richards

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Bio 3 = Noel McGarth

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I am very sad to announce the passing of Digbys' widow Sue Richards.
Sue was buried Thursday 27th January, 2012
More details as they come to hand


Biography #1

Dig Richards

Australian Rock Singer
Born 12-9-41 Died 16-2-83
Dunedoo, N.S.W.

By: Perter Ferter

At a time when there were few local rock singers, he stood out with his stunning good looks,
leopard skin suit, & moccasins. He formed a band, the "R’Jays" in 1958 & began playing dances
in town halls around Sydney. With primitive electric instruments & sound equipment,
they were rock ‘n’ roll pioneers, playing their first dance in August 1958.
In 1959 he obtained an audition with "Festival Records." His singing did not impress,
but the way the girls yelled & screamed as soon as he went on stage did.
"Ken Taylor" the boss of Festival said, "Even if you haven’t got a voice, my eyes tell me
I could sell your records on your looks if nothing else." They became the third Australian rock act signed
by Festival; following, "Johnny O’Keefe," & "Col Joye."His first record, "I WANNA LOVE YOU"
was written by his 16 year old brother "Doug." Regular appearances on "6 O’clock Rock"
gained him popularity, & by August 1959 he had his own tv show, "TEENTIME" on the 7 network.
Festival’s Pyrmont studio was so unsophisticated; the ‘echo chamber’ was an unused lavatory.
Whenever the toilet was flushed, it would be heard on the recording.
"Lee Gordon" booked him for the big shows, "Lloyd Price" July 1959; & "Ricky Nelson," 1960.
In October 1959 he smashed his car on the approaches to Sydney Harbour Bridge.
It was feared the man with the "James Dean" looks, was following closely in his footsteps.
The ‘R’Jays’ became the house band at "Festival" & provided the backing to various artists,
including "Noelene Batley’s" ‘BAREFOOT BOY;’ the first national hit by an Australian female rock ‘n’ roll singer.
In March 1961 "Dig" headlined a show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, with support acts, "Johnny Devlin" & "Lucky Starr.

He did 12 encores.

Chasing an adult audience in the mid 1960’s he changed his name to "Digby," learned guitar, & took up singing lessons at Sydney’s Conservatory of Music.
After returning from overseas in 1971, his work was considered country & western.

He died of pancreatic cancer.

The story of "Dig Richards & the R’Jays" is told in, "BEHIND THE ROCK: The Diary Of A Rock Band," by "Jon Hayton" & "Leon Isackson" (Select Books, 1990).

The R’Jays comprised:
Peter Baker, bass (1959-61)
Bob Bertles, sax (1960)
Jay Boogie, piano (1959-61)
Peter Cross, sax (1960)
Laurie Goodfellow, sax (1959)
John Haydon, guitar (1958-61)
Leon Isackson, drums (1960)
Brian Kelly, bass (1961)
Kerry Konyard, guitar (1958-59)
Barry Lewis, drums (1958-1959)
Peter Maris, sax-clarinet (1958-59)
Ron Patton, sax (1960)
Roger Paulfreman, bass (1958-59)
Dig Richards, vocals
Brian Smith, sax (1960)

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